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About organs
n the church there are two organs: in the choir the small Baroque organ, and at the back on the loft, the big organ, they were built by the firma Rieger at the beginning of the 20th century. Both organs were in a very bad condition, because of the woodworm infection. Both organs were renovated by the Aquincum Organ Factory in Budapest. The new concert quality big organ, kept further on his German Romantic tone, only we have completed it with that reed-pipe series, according to the original Rieger disposition, which were left out, at the time when the organ was made. Therefore his sound becomes complete. The new big organ has 3 manuals, 44 registers and about 3000 pipes. The smalltest is 10 mm, the largest is 5 m large. Extraordinary beautiful is the superbly carved and gilded latticework over the loft parapet. The small Baroque organ has 2 manuals, 14 registers and about 800 pipes.